What We Do

We get kids moving

To maintain a basic level of health, children and young people aged 5-18 need to get more active. 

  • Too many kids are spending far too much time glued to the screens of their mobile phone or tablets.
  • We all know that boundaries are important, but we need to present kids of today with alternative interests.
  • We believe in getting kids as active as possible.
  • Lockdown has made our kids even more sedentary, not every child is suited to mainstream sports which is why we’ve thought outside of the box and decided to team up with local Golf Clubs to provide sessions for children who may never of imagined what playing golf was like.
  • Our message is simple, whatever time a child spends on their screen they spend the same amount of time doing some physical activity.  
  • The 2021 launch of golfing for kids may surprise parents who never thought golf was an option, but it teaches not only physical strength but also concentration and stamina.