Who We Are

Kids Fitness First is a modern charity focusing on a modern cause.  We are committed to raising awareness and understanding of the devastating health effects too much screen time can have on children.  The mental health of our children is paramount, and studies have shown that too much electronic screen time in children can have an impact on their wellbeing. See our blog posts for more information on this.

We live in a technological era which means kids are captivated and preoccupied with digital devices.  On average a child now has access to at least five digital devices in the home which is easy to see why so many children prefer to ‘play’ sedentary games than burn off energy in the fresh air.

Statistics now confirm that too much screen time whether it’s TV, laptops, tablets, smartphones or  any of the many digital gaming devices now availabe can cause physical and physiological disorders.  Some of these disorders include obesity, depression, behavioural disorders and even diabetes and heart conditions.  It’s a scary time for parents and we feel understanding and knowledge are the best ingredients to equip them with to avoid their child becomming a victim of the digital world.